As therapists we run into divorce even if we are not marriage counselors. Do you know how to guide your clients towards the next steps? You are not an attorney and can not give legal advise, but you should be equipped to help your clients understand some basic choices, have a list of referrals and give them an idea of what is to come. This is all in the best interest of the children involved as well as the mental stability of your client.

You may already know, but if you don’t, there are 4 ways to get a divorce:

1. Do it yourself style

2. The famous litigation

3. Mediation- which is growing in popularity

4. Collaborative divorce

The last two options should always be explained and offered to your clients. If you need referrals you can check out the CFLA website or the MCI website for a list of mediation and collaborative friendly professionals.

Ask questions and read so you can educate yourself on these options and who is a best fit for each.

Below you will find two links to articles giving you some basic tid-bits on the Collaborative process. You will find many other articles you may be interested in as well.

Why Collaborative Divorce and Not Mediation? | Details & Settlement

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By Kristen Craren Divorce Therapist and Mediation

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